The Rise of Gaming Energy Drinks

The gaming industry is booming at the moment. It was doing very well anyway, but since the Covid-19 pandemic the industry has skyrocketed. There are around 2.7billion video gamers worldwide in an industry that is expected to be worth $200 billion by 2023. Just in the UK alone the UK games industry is valued at £7 billion for 2020 as stated by the Ukie. Alongside this the Energy Drink market is estimated to be $86.1 billion by 2026 according to Allied Market Research.

These are very interesting statistics showing incredible growth within the two industries. But why is it important? It’s important because there is a growing niche within the energy drinks sector. That niche is the gaming energy drink, targeted at gamers for increased focus, reaction times and energy to play and stream longer. To get the edge in any game, especially online games. 

There is interesting research conducted by NewZoo that states 80% of gamers regularly eat or drink whilst playing video games. Diving within those numbers we also see that 17% of gamers in North America, 15% in Western Europe and 26% in APAC regularly consume energy drinks whilst playing video games. Another interesting bit of information from the NewZoo research is that  compared to non-gamers, gamers have a more positive brand attitude toward energy drink companies—in all three regions. The difference is biggest in Western Europe, where 38% of players have a positive attitude towards Red Bull vs. just 17% of non-gamers.

There are a number of companies now on the market and more popping up looking for space within what will soon become a crowded market. Whilst there is still space and opportunity to create a loyal customer base, this will get harder and harder. Some of the bigger companies out there like G-Fuel are now well established with big revenue figures. Great brands such as Rogue Energy, SNEAK, Advanced, Razer Respawn and many more are all fighting for market share. The competition is hot. 

Marketing people will have tons of advice to offer companies entering the market about how to position themselves, how to focus on the right influencers, sponsorship, partnerships, etc. All very important aspects of any business, especially within a competitive landscape. 

But we as a flavour house, believe there is a very important aspect that companies must make sure they really think about. That is the flavours they use for their products. We have tried a range of different products from these companies, some are really good, and some are not. OK, flavours can be subjective, one person may like one flavour more than the other and vice versa. But that should not be an excuse to use flavours that do not pack a punch, flavours that do not create a high impact as you drink.

We believe that the taste of your gaming energy drink is extremely important. It will be the reason that someone will probably come back to buy from you again. We also understand that as any new company coming into the market and the need to balance production costs for their initial products. Minimum MOQs and costs of flavours, especially if those flavours are natural can be a barrier to the right flavour choice. 

Here at Cosmic we have a range of flavours specifically created for gaming energy drinks. Great tasting high impact flavours that come in either powder or liquid form depending on your final application. Our flavours are natural or non-natural to support the end result a business is looking for. And finally, our prices are extremely competitive, helping businesses of all sizes in this industry to thrive. 

If you have a gaming energy drink brand on the market or are planning to release your own product in this space, come and talk to us. We would love to help. 

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Cosmic Team