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Taste Provenance flavours dictated by nature

Natural Liquid Flavours

Our substantial range of liquid flavours are perfect for a wide range of applications from Beverages to Baked Goods

Powdered Flavours

We offer an expansive range of  Natural or Non-natural Powdered flavours either Spray Dried or Plated to suit your final needs

Flavour Innovation

We have extensive experience innovating and applying new flavours to ensure your products stand out in quality and taste.


We take pride in understanding our customers needs and creating a flavour that elevates their final product quality and taste. Inspired by nature and driven by quality, Cosmic innovates flavours for a multiple of applications including Baked Goods, Beverage, Confectionery, Dairy and Nutrition.

Quality is what we are known for. From initial product briefs to delivery of goods we ensure not only the quality of our flavours are good but also the experience our customers journey down. We ensure our flavours are correct for each individual application through product innovation, testing and listening to our customers.

In a world of unlimited tastes, we are constantly looking to differ from our competitors. We do this through unique taste profiles and manufacturing processes, this has allowed us to proudly supply customers who stock products in supermarkets across Europe.

Our passion for flavours and providing industry-leading customer service makes us your perfect partner. Are your ready to







































donut flavouring
Sports Nutrition flavourings

Flavour Innovation

Our experienced team have supported customers developing their new unique taste. In a crowded and competitive market it’s important to be different and stand out against the norm. Using industry trends and understanding product briefs we have the knowledge to create tailored flavour profiles for your application.


We are proud to use high quality raw ingredients within our flavours. We offer our clients high impacting reliable quality flavours, this gives our customers the confidence to develop new product ranges knowing the quality and taste will never change.


If you’re looking to find your unique taste, please contact us, we’d love to help.